The best horse riding jeans - Outback Supply Co
June 27, 2022

The best horse riding jeans - Outback Supply Co

At Outback Supply Co, we believe firmly that our jeans are the best horse riding jeans in the world.

We tailor our jeans to be perfect for the positions you have to adopt to ride your horse in complete comfort. You can ride all day every day wearing a pair of denim jeans from Outback Supply. Made from tough, interwoven, super soft, premium denim, these riding jeans are built to last. They're also built to withstand the worst that the Australian Outback can throw at us.

Outback Supply Co jeans are made to offer a no-gap waist, meaning that whatever the elements or livestock ask of you, they perform their function. The mid-rise cut means they sit snugly around your hips with a contoured waistline that hugs curves rather than squeezes.

Outback Supply Co Horse Riding Jeans with no-gap waist

Jeans built for fashion rather than riding often feature a straight waistband which can create gaps in some places and pinches in others. They're simply not tailoired with function in mind. 

When you're riding your horse, you want to be in complete comfort.

You don't want to worry about your top coming loose or about seams that move around and get in awkward places. You haven't got time to be thinking about what you're wearing. Everything needs to come naturally. Of course, when you're not on your horse, you're probably working hard. That involves a lot more movement than a stroll in the park, doing the school run or a bit of light shopping. Outback Supply Co jeans are built for the performance that your lifestyle requires - tough and reliable with a fit that stretches and flatters at the same time.

Outback Supply Co Outback Filly Denim horse riding jeans


Looking great in your Western Style Jeans.

The built in stretch of our jeans means that they flatter as well as function. They are designed to work hard and look good, just like you. They slim the hips and contour your behind before flaring out to a width perfect for riding or Western style boots. The majority of our Western Style Jeans are boot-cut, meaing they look equally great with work boots or dressed up with heels and a ruffled shirt for the evening. Just remember to keep your favourite pair for best.

Outback Supply Co Black Ruffled Shirt

Western Style Bling Denim Jeans.

Talking of looking great, check out our fantastic range of Western Style Bling Jeans. Taking inspiration from the showmanship of the Rodeo, our Western Style jeans all have uniquely embellished pocket details. You can easily express your style in pimped up work wear or treat them to a night on the town. Tuck in your shirt to make sure the eyecatching designs are the envy of your friends!

Harper Wwestern Style Denim Jeans Outback Supply Co


Check out our newest styles.

Our team at Outback Supply Co never stop looking into the most outstanding options for our signature pocket designs. We launch a range of new designs twice a year, and this season is no different. Take a look at our newest products on page one of our Western Style Jeans section. Here's a sneak peek at one of the styles that is already flying through the doors.

Dreamcatcher design Outback Supply Western Style Jeans
If you'd like to ask any questions about our products or designs, please contact us or simply open the chat box and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.