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May 13, 2022

Outback Clothing - Did you know Outback isn't just all about Jeans?

Yes! We know you love our jeans. But have you heard about our amazing Western Style Shirts and Outback clothing?

When you want something that's as tough, hardworking and as good looking as you are, outback clothing needs to be natural fibre. Natural Fibre is more resistant to just about everything the Outback can throw at us. It stands up to more dust, dirt, rough and tumble, fire, dust storms and even the occasional cloudburst. The nature of natural fibres means they are also breathable and versatile. That's why cotton twill and finer cotton are our main fabrics of choice for the products in our range. When you're working up a sweat, the last thing you want to be is in synthetics, which, let's face it, are more prone to holding onto unpleasant smells.

Ruffled Cotton Shirts - The Natural Beauties of the Outback Clothing Range



Navy Blouse Gingham Shirt Outback ClothingPink Blouse Ruffled Gingham Shirt Outback ClothingRed Blouse Gingham Ruffle Shirt Outback Clothing


The great thing about our cotton ruffled shirts is that they are feminine but tough . They are built to last and to do the job. They come in a wide variety of colours from black to white and everything in between. We have patterns in gingham, stripes and teeny tiny polka dots which means you can have a different look every day of the working week and save your favourite for weekends on the town.

Another aspect that we considered when designing our shirts was practicality. They are long sleeved, with cuffs, to make sure you don't get tangled up. The high neckline keeps out the dust and they are cut long at the back to ensure you can wear them tucked in or loose without them riding up and exposing skin to the elements. Perfect for horse riding and working on the land, but a flattering silhouette and exquisite tailoring.

The rise of Prairie Fashion

What you might not know is that the Prairie trend is right back in fashion. Prairie fashion started in the early days of American colonisation. Worn by the female pioneers of the mid and far west of the USA, it was a way to continue to look feminine yet still be entirely practical. The Outback is the same. We're our own pioneers and conditions are tough. Harsher than the American West ever was. That's why we only use premium, hardwearing cotton for our ruffled shirts and blouses.

Little House on the Prairie Prairie Retro Outback ClothingPrairie Outback Clothing Fashion Outback Supply Co

From the days of Little House on the Prairie, the modern day country woman has evolved the style into a celebration of working women. You're not afraid to assert your individuality. You own your own space and aren't afraid to be a woman in what was traditionally a man's world.

Shop our range of shirts today for your Outback Clothing needs. And if ruffles aren't your thing, there's plenty of other styles that are equally at home on the range.