Jeans The Outback Supply Co Story
March 25, 2022

Western Denim Jeans | The Outback Supply Story

The story of Outback Supply Authentic Western Denim Jeans.

Why a special jeans brand for the Outback?

Most jeans are created with fit and fashion in mind, with strength and durability coming further down the list. Here at Outback Supply Co, we know that the wear and tear jeans get when they're a work rather than fashion item is at another level entirely. We know you're not just wearing your denim jeans to meet your friends or go for a leisurely bush walk. When you're in the outback, you're in a rough and tumble environment that requires absolute top quality, hard-wearing denim. But that doesn't mean you want to compromise on fit or style.

Outback denim Jeans

Hard-wearing denim jeans with signature Outback style.

Our jeans and accessories are made with horses, animals and the harsh Outback environment in mind. But we wanted to make a difference, so that while you're working, you're doing it in comfort and style. Our designs are far from typical work wear. We inject fun, fashion and tailoring that gives you an enviable fit so you always look great, no matter how hard your day is.

We inject personality and a bit of outback bling into our designs. When you get up in the morning, anticipating a long, hard day, it's just that bit easier when you know you're looking good! The detailing on our extensive bling range is hand stitched and injects a touch of femininity into what many consider to be a masculine lifestyle.
Sabrina Outback Bling Jeans


We set out to make a beautiful product in tough-wearing, premium denim that is ethically sourced and allows you to create a signature style in your workwear. Outback Supply denim jeans are as tough as you are, and as tough as the land they were made for.

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